Stunning Hairstyles For Women With Round Face

Every woman, regardless of color, often considers the shape of their face and their hair’s natural texture whenever they’re looking for the variations of hairstyles to rock. And among different face’s shapes, round face is one that is just about the same length as width.

Round face has soft facial features including a rounded jaw and soft cheekbones. If you have this sort of shape, you’ll more likely to project a more youthful look. However, there’s a little catch. Perhaps, it’s difficult to highlight facial features and can also make you look more heavy-set. Continue reading Stunning Hairstyles For Women With Round Face

How To Keep Normal Hair Porosity Level?

When I stroll over the street of Albany last week, I noticed so many women are going for short hair while only few are walking with their natural hair untouched. That made me think about hair porosity and I when I search o the web, I noticed that there are many information on low and high porosity strands, but so little on medium (normal) porosity strands.

While it’s a bit odd to assume, I believe the reason perhaps is that “normal” porosity is deemed need not informative articles. Or perhaps, most people tend to be either low porosity or high porosity that they focus on their hair’s porosity level.

But no matter what the reason is, I noticed a loop hole and lack of information, and thought that it’s about time that we show the normal-tress ladies some love. Continue reading How To Keep Normal Hair Porosity Level?

Your Typical Hair Weave Story – The Dos And Don’ts

Every black woman has shared their “weave” story with their hairstylist. And each comes with unique weave experience. Some decided to go for hair weave as an efficient means of growing healthy natural hair to the length they’ve been dreaming of, while other girls swear that weaves or extensions is the primary culprit of their short and damaged hair. But who’s right between the two?

Both of them are right. But the result depends on the scalp and hair’s conditioning. While a lot of black women have effectively grown their own healthy hair up to 6 and 10 inches in a year, other girls went on terrible experiences and ended up sporting supposed bald caps. For this matter, finding out if your hair can manage to grow healthy long strands while under weave, is a must. Also, there are other factors you should bear in mind when deciding to install weaves or extensions. Continue reading Your Typical Hair Weave Story – The Dos And Don’ts

Chic Hairstyles Women With Transitioning Hair Should Try

Black women, who are currently on transitioning, must know how hard it is to maintain two very different hair textures. But how difficult is it? Well, detangling the hair is a bit more challenging when it comes to styling. So, we suggest keeping it very simple.

Sticking to styles that are easy to do will lessen manipulation of the two textures and as a result it also lessen the chances of breakage and shedding.

If you’ve had difficulty in styling or just want to discover a few styles to apply in your transitioning regimen that are easy to accomplish but also tremendous, we’ve got you all covered. Continue reading Chic Hairstyles Women With Transitioning Hair Should Try

4 Things To Consider When Going For Color-Treated Hair

Wanting to take your hair to a whole new and exciting level, jazz up the boring puff, and add life to locs and twistouts with hair color? Well, you really can. Not to mention that such idea can turn heads or catch attention.

Despite the fact that going darker, adding lowlights or highlights, or coloring your natural hair won’t cause you major hair problems, the radical color leaps upward which used more than 3 hues beyond your natural color, can really take a toll on your naturals.

So, prior to get hooked with any hair altering experience, you must first understand and think about the risks. Here in Heaven on Earth Beauty Salon, we don’t just help you achieve your dream hair but we also give out tips and things to ponder. We suggest that you should never ever color your hair on a whim or without a gameplan for aftercare. Continue reading 4 Things To Consider When Going For Color-Treated Hair

Bold And Gorgeous Short Haircuts You’ll Love To Rock

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life,” a French designer, Coco Chanel had once said this line. While we can’t further argue with her line, yes, we find this profound. This is most common when you have natural hair. As we know, natural hair is really hard to deal – speaking through experience.

More often, we’ve tried transitioning our hair from naturals to a straighter one. Or we simply use some weave or protective styling to keep it from heat and damage which may lead to hair loss and scalp itching.

Well, we’re glad to share some stunning hairstyles to those who are getting the itch to go super short with a no fuss hair cut. But how sporting a bold hairstyle can be a very difficult decision for any woman? Continue reading Bold And Gorgeous Short Haircuts You’ll Love To Rock

5 Eye-Catching Hairstyles For Women With Long Hair

Black girls also dream of having a beautiful long hair. That must be influenced by Disney movies they’ve watched since childhood. And in chase for that dream, they often extend their hair in many ways, from using sew-in-weaves or versatile weaves to buying pricey vitamins for faster and healthier hair growth and to whatever that is ready to do to grow long lush hair.

While most black American women are naturally blessed with beautiful long hair, not everyone is gifted with healthy strands. Naturally, the curly naturals of our sistahs are often prone to brittleness and dryness.

We have a little solution for you. If you are one of them, you should know how to present your treasure in the best light, choose the style that doesn’t just complement your face’s shape but also your personality, and above all learn how to soften and take care of your naturals. Continue reading 5 Eye-Catching Hairstyles For Women With Long Hair

Top Curly Hairstyles For Black Women – Short Hair Edition

There is always something about black women with short curly hair that we can’t deny the feeling of admiration. But we don’t mean to say that we don’t like long hairstyles for black women. It’s definitely the fierceness and confidence of girls wearing it that we get awed to, though.

Short hair gives you a taste of power and freedom that you can’t experience with other hairstyles. However, a lot of women with curly hair often think that there is a limited range of hairstyles for them to choose from.

And yes that’s true. But while it is true that naturally curly hair often gives one limited styling options, with the abundance of different hair styling technologies that let more suppleness even with curly hair, women with short hair now have more freedom in how they want their manes styled. Continue reading Top Curly Hairstyles For Black Women – Short Hair Edition

Head-Turner Hairstyles For Black Women

Bearing the most distinctive characteristics, black women’s hair is unique and often stands out among the crowd. I bet every woman wishing a great-looking hair will surely admit that they spent endless hours trying out many different hairstyles and perhaps hopping many beauty salons only to identify the look and style that best fits their personality.

Despite the grandeur hairstyle options available over the internet, finding the one fitting a woman’s face’s shape has been even more difficult. Perhaps, it is due to the complexity of their hair and a limited amount of styles that can be carried out with ease.

It was of no help either that the products produced exclusively for Afro hair were few and far between. You may remember having your hair braided by a relative or friend – a very well-accepted protective styling that took some time but kept the hair neat and under control. Continue reading Head-Turner Hairstyles For Black Women

How To Soften Your Natural Hair

We hear complaints from many black women about their stubborn and frizzy natural hair that they don’t like wearing them if they’re not relaxed or silk pressed. But is it really that hard to achieve and maintain soft and silky hair, without the aid of silk press or hair relaxers sometimes?

All women not just in color may seem to relate to this first world problem when it comes to getting softer and flawless-looking hair. Some are blessed with soft and manageable naturals while others feel like cursed with bad hair.

But did you know you can do something to make that frizzy hair manageable and elastic rich black hair? The truth is some of the flawlessly flowing hair isn’t naturally soft. Continue reading How To Soften Your Natural Hair